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jueves, 14 de enero de 2016


Hi folks, I know it's been a lot of time (again), I have a lot to express, to write, pictures to share but to have the time it is difficult this time... but I try.. I try.. but I never wave bye-bye (as David Bowie said in a song- Modern Love).
Anyway here I am. I went to the north of Peru, Vichayito beach to be more specific, I had a blast with my friends, I had the time to relax from work.
I think the more exciting thing to do when you travel is the felling that you don't know what is gonna happen, people you will meet, things you will discover ... that feeling I love the most.

Hi folks, sé que ha pasado mucho tiempo (si otra vez), tengo tanto para expresar, escribir, compartir, pero encontrar el tiempo es muy difícil ... but I try (trato)... but I never wave bye- bye (pero nunca diré adiós), como dijo David Bowie en una de sus canciones, la mas conocida diría yo- Modern Love.
Igual acá estoy, viajé al norte del Perú, a Vichayito para ser mas especifica, me divertí tanto con mis amigos, y tuve al fin el tiempo de relajarme del trabajo.
Siempre he creído que lo que mas me apasiona de viajar es ese sentimiento, tipo hormigueo que sientes al pensar que no sabrás lo que puede pasar, a quien vas a conocer, cosas por descubrir.... es "ese sentimiento" que me encanta.



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  1. These photos are absolutely amazing and I'm sure you had an amazing time! Thanks for sharing :)

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx


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