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domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015


I've been disconnected for a few days, I know, 
I decided to travel, go away and follow the sun, the feeling is like a little girl going to Disneyland for the first time, no worries about, a feeling inside of you that grows, you cant explain of course you just feel it.
At first I decided to travel alone, to spend some days by myself and write by the beach, yoga at five in the morning? why not?! 
Then some friends of mine wanted to join me, why not? that will be.. to get drunk, party, dance all night long, act like a fool, kiss an stranger? they can do it everywhere, its easy, not big deal, the kind of life you live only with your crazy friends around.
Life works in mysterious ways and I really like it, I never plant what to do... just let it flow, thats my prerogative... So that is what I did... 
Then He (that will be his name, so simple as that) happens, just like this song...


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