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domingo, 22 de junio de 2014


El clima esta loco estos días, frío calor, calor frío.. Muchas veces no sabemos que ponernos, pero hay una cosa que es obvia y es que ya no podemos vestirnos como en verano o primavera, a menos que quieras enfermarte lol
En esta ocasión y después de mucho tiempo voy de compras (si, aunque ud no lo crea). Buscaba desde hace mucho tempo un pantalón negro a la cintura y al fin lo encontré (es de esos pantalones que mantiene todo en su sitio sii jajaja), lo maximo. Oxfords rosados para darle un poco de color al invierno y casaca marrón, re basica. Ohh me olvidaba mi nuevo look.. si el cerquillo, segun mi mami se me ve mas chibola jajajaj

The weather is crazy those days, cold hot, hot cold.. Most of the time we don't know what to wear, but there is one thing we know, it is that we can not dress like we were in summer or spring time. Al least you wanna get sick and don't go to work lol.
In this occasion and for the very first time in a long long time I went shopping (yes, bealive it or not). I've been looking for waist trousers, there are diffucult to find but I found them, yes finally!. Pink Oxfords to put some colour on a winter day and brown jacket, a basic one. Ohh , i forgot to tell you about my new look.. yes, the fringe, my mum told me that it makes me look younger LOL.

Bisou bisou 
Mademoiselle Gallech

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  1. Hi !
    Your blog is really nice!! I follow you now here on blogspot ! :)
    You look so beautiful :)

    Would be nice if you would also visit my blog :))
    XO - Anna

    1. Hi Anna! Many thanks :)
      what's the link of your blog? Of course I would like to see it



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